👋 Hello there!

SaaS Firesale is a side project by Bren Kinfa – that’s me!

I also run SaaSDesigner.com.

I began searching for Black Friday deals and found myself collecting a list of all the deals I could find. No affiliate links on any of the deals you’ll find here.

I thought others might find this list useful as well, and that’s why I’ve put together this (free!) resource.

I plan on releasing more cool resources just like this!

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👋 Hello there!

SaaS Firesale is website sharing deals on the hottest deals on SaaS tools, apps, and WordPress plugins. It’s a free resource for the community. To submit your deal, just fill out and submit the contact form.

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👋 Hello there! I’m Bren, maker of SaaS Firesale. I build useful resources for SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Other resources I built include:

SaaS Designer (UX/UI consulting & design help for startup founders)
• SaaS AI Tools (directory of AI tools)

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