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Bugpilot – Automate

Bugpilot is an AI-powered platform that helps you identify, prioritize, and fix user-facing bugs.

Bugpilot automatically scans your code for errors, making it a cinch to spot issues before your code is even deployed.

Thanks to the groundbreaking AI-first technology, Bugpilot generates AI-corrected code that you can copy-paste to fix bugs fast.

Plus, you’ll get debugging details, including a description and relevant documentation, so you don’t need to rely on user reports to make improvements.

Automatically detect bugs and access detailed debugging info—all without any user reports.

Bugpilot automatically checks for common user issues, including ad blockers, slow networks, and outdated browsers, so you can close support tickets in a snap.

View the chronological steps leading up to every error, like specific clicks, making it super easy to reproduce the problem.

And because your devs will know exactly where to focus their attention, you’ll be able to maintain a stellar user experience without straining their workload.

Access a step-by-step report to see which actions led to each bug for easy replication.

Best of all, Bugpilot records the screen for every user bug report, so you get a visual play-by-play of what went wrong.

Users can annotate the video recording to highlight specific areas on the screen, or emphasize key elements of the problem.

Plus, they’ll be able to add written details to bug reports by submitting an auto-generated description or writing their own version from scratch.

And because Bugpilot integrates with multiple HelpDesk tools, your support team can access all this information for user conversations.

See exactly what happened with detailed screen recordings on user bug reports.

With Bugpilot, you can view bug reports at a glance and sort them into categories based on status activity to streamline prioritization.

You’ll be able to share bug reports with your team with a simple link that anyone can access—no complicated downloads required.

Bugpilot even integrates with tools like Slack, Jira, and Notion, you can seamlessly adopt it into your workflow.

Get an overview of all reported bugs and their status activity in one place.

When you’re relying on users to report bugs, you’re wasting time piecing together random info like an amateur detective. (“So Professor Plum… where were you at the time of the crash?”)

Fortunately, Bugpilot has built-in bug detection, AI-suggested bug fixes, and auto-generated bug reports, so you can solve issues fast.

De-bug your user experience.

Get lifetime access to Bugpilot today!


SleekBio – Create

Brought to you by the AppSumo team, SleekBio is a social link solution that generates more traffic and clicks to your best content and products.

SleekBio takes just minutes to set up your social bio link.

Start by configuring your name, URL, and logo.

You can pick a simple username that looks great in your profile. (Maybe Chief Sumo will trade you in exchange for tacos?)

Once the basics are out of the way, use basic style options to make your SleekBio stand out—build your page to match your brand.

Create your own personal social media bio page in minutes and customize to match your brand.

Add all types of content—including your best videos, blog posts, products, and links—so you never have to manually update your social bio link again. (Copy-and-Paste Saturdays are officially canceled.)

You’re not just limited to showcasing a bunch of basic links, either.

You can set up simple links or make your content stand out by showing content previews.

And if you want to emphasize a piece of content even more, you can pin content to the top of your SleekBio and use the drag-and-drop editor to rearrange your page anytime.

Show off links, videos, blog posts, and more of your best content, plus easily rearrange your SleekBio page with a drag-and-drop editor.

Unlike your first attempt at matcha marble cake, SleekBio isn’t just beautiful on the outside. (“Those Instagram filters really are magic.”)

Get better insights with analytics and data tracking for both your overall page and individual content.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to make your links and content that much better.

Access helpful insights into how your links and content are performing.

SleekBio integrates with other AppSumo Originals products like SendFox and TidyCal, letting you embed SendFox forms and TidyCal booking pages.

That means you’re covered whether you want to grow your email list, promote a recent giveaway, or get more bookings.

You can also add other block types to the page, such as links, embedded content, social media buttons!

Get ready to build an epic cross-promotion stream with a fraction of the effort.

Add different block types to show off your links, embed content, add social media, and even embed SendFox forms and TidyCal booking pages.

“Link in bio” doesn’t really work if your URLs are always wrong. (“Totally meant to route to my ‘Sad Valentine’ Spotify playlist.”)

Now you can finally take control of your social media bio link with a simple solution to promote your best content.

Make link updates way easier.

Get lifetime access to SleekBio today!


Cloudpresenter – Host

Cloudpresenter is an all-in-one video conferencing platform for remote meetings, online courses, and virtual events.

Whether you’re organizing a training program, hosting a virtual conference, or connecting with your community, Cloudpresenter helps you bring your events to life.

Get access to a customizable platform where you can change the colors, logos, and virtual backgrounds and even modify registration pages to fit your branding. 

Thanks to interactive tools like live chat, moderated Q&As, and polls, you’ll have everything you need to boost audience engagement

Interactive tools

Launch a meeting or webinar with interactive tools like polls, live chat, and Q&As!

Cloudpresenter lets you upload and share content during meetings. You’ll even be able to hand over control to someone else.

This is super useful for meetings with multiple speakers, teams sharing a slide deck, and production teams supporting virtual events.

Instead of clunky screenshares, you’ll be able to display slides and videos in high-definition, so you can get your message across clearly.

Virtual meetings

Host virtual meetings and share content with attendees right in the call.

Best of all, Cloudpresenter lets you invite your entire organization, so everyone can communicate in the same digital space.

With this complete remote video conferencing solution, your team will be able to run concurrent meetings and events.

You can even make your team meetings more engaging with tools like whiteboards, polls, Q&As, and a virtual laser pointer.

Team meetings

Host multiple meetings across your entire organization at the same time.

From product demonstrations to employee onboarding, Cloudpresenter brings together all the tools you need to streamline your virtual workplace.

Built for teams, educators, and event organizers, you can create events for up to 1,200 attendees and invite them with a simple link—no download required!

Plus, this mobile and web-based app is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, so your info is always secure.

Mobile app

Join virtual meetings with their iOS and Android apps, or use a web browser.

Whether it’s a quick call or a virtual conference, it’s a bad sign when people disengage. (“Any questions? Ask me anything. Please.”)

Good thing Cloudpresenter is packed with interactive tools like polls and Q&As, so you can run hype-worthy events with your own branding. 

Host meetings and virtual events that work.

Get lifetime access to Cloudpresenter today!



Launch your own ecommerce site and Android app in minutes


WebSite Auditor

Perform page-by-page website audits to optimize on-page and technical SEO



Generate personalized video content using realistic AI avatars and text-to-speech



Generate and share personalized video at scale with the help of groundbreaking AI technology



Use automated push notifications to promote repeat visits and increase conversions

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StartHost Lifetime Deal

SSD hosting with unlimited storage & bandwidth for your website. , Free SSL certificates make your website safe & secure. , Content Delivery Network makes your website faster & load quickly. , Supports IPv6, which is the new standard for IP addresses. , Deal For You , Company , Follow us , Secure Payment


CoolNew PDF Lifetime

Batch convert PDF files to Word documents without losing fonts and formats. , Alternative to Nitro PDF and Many More. , Convert your PDF documents to text with the help of OCR. , Best For :- Teams, Enterprises, and Companies. , Deal For You , Company , Follow us , Secure Payment


FastestVPN LifeTime Deal

Use up to 10 devices with FastestVPN , Ultra-fast & Ultra-Secure , 550 Servers available over 39+ countries and 60+ Locations , Various Platforms – Windows, macOS, Android or iOSWindows, macOS, Android, iOS and many others. , Deal For You , Company , Follow us , Secure Payment


RelayThat Lifetime Deal

Create gorgeous branded images that are automatically resized for banners, ads, and social media. , Handle multiple brand workspaces and effortlessly switch between design campaigns , ‍Add brand assets once and update to automatically create unlimited design options. , Best for: Social media managers, digital agencies, and small businesses trying to level up their marketing efforts , Deal For You , Company , Follow us , Secure Payment


Plasfy Lifetime Deal

Create professional graphics and designs for your business in just a few minutes. , Alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Canva, VistaCreate, Easil, Snappa etc. , 17,000+ fully customizable beautiful templates using our easy-to-use drag and drop editor. , Best for Visual Design, Graphic Design Software, SAAS etc. , Deal For You , Company , Follow us , Secure Payment


BTweeps Lifetime Deal

Save time on managing & targeting your Twitter audience.

Automate your social media activities to optimize your time & reach.

Find the right audience and keep the big picture in mind.

Best For Digital Marketers, Social Networking, Startups, & Business Owners.

Deal For You


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VidTags Lifetime Deal:

Share videos to Facebook, Twitter, email, Reddit and more within 1- single click.

It provides Real-time analytics about who is watching your videos, where they’re from, and how long they are watching.

Lightning-fast video/audio hosting is included for no additional cost.

Best for: Video Marketers, Webinar Hosts, Affiliate Marketers, Content Marketers, Pod-casters, and etc…

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URL180 Lifetime Deal

Easily sell products and services, collect donations, or even charge for access to specific content.

Alternative of Linko, Bitly, Linktree And Rebrandly

Advanced analytics allow you to track clicks and see how your links are performing in real-time.

Best for online businesses, influencers, and marketers.

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Headway Lifetime Deal

Headway is the perfect solution to get world-class book ideas that will help you empower and motivate yourself. With Headway, you have access to personalized reading lists to accomplish your goals, nonfiction bestsellers summarized into 15-minute reads, collections of meaningful reads to solve complex problems, thousands of actionable tips and audio versions of summaries created by professional voice actors.
Headway eliminates the need to search tirelessly for helpful book ideas and puts everything you need in one convenient place.


Discover a new way to boost your knowledge through 15-min nonfiction book summaries.

Customized reading list for you depending on your priorities.

You will be able to read more in less time: the bestseller nonfiction books are condensed into 15-minute readings.

Professional voice actors have recorded audio versions of the summaries.

Headway makes learning joyful

Headway is a great way to fit meaningful growth into your busy lifestyle. You can pick and choose from thousands of actionable insights and tips that are tailored to helping you reach whatever specific goals you’ve set for yourself. Headway makes it easier than ever to make the most of your time by offering helpful reads, resources and advice in one easy-to-find, convenient place.

Set a goal and start becoming a better version of yourself

Headway is the incredible app that’s designed to help you become a better version of yourself, no matter your goal. With Headway, you can set tangible objectives related to creating wealth, having a successful career, increasing productivity, achieving life balance and becoming more confident.

More reading in less time

Headway condenses the essence of top bestselling books into a 15-minute read that anyone can engage with, no matter the time restraints they may have. Users can access Headway’s library of acclaimed books and explore its key ideas without sacrificing hours out of their day. Headway is making it easier than ever before to stay connected with fresh ideas!

Join 15+ million learners worldwide

“ Everything you need to be motivate, to learn & to self improves is all here. I actually do appreciate the reminders because otherwise this wouldn’t work for me. Thank you sandypantalones “ The app it’s so easy to use. I use it while driving or cooking and is great. I love the fact that the chapters are short, so you can finish them quickly. Very knowledgeable. kathytaveras “ Headway is the answer! No longer accumulating books never read. With Headway, I initially chose the areas important to me such as productivity, time management, etc., and each day
I’m provided several book summaries from which I devote 20 minutes or more each day reading. All of this on my phone! My life has improved with Headway. Truly my most useful app. Carol Slinker “ I’ve gotten multiple books out of the library with the intent to read them, but always have a hard time finding the time. This app has helped me finally be able to get to them. Summarized, yes, and thank goodness too! Just short enough I can finish one on my way picking kids up from school/practice, or while I’m cooking dinner. I can’t wait to listen to them over the summer when we visit the beach! Jillian Emmert “ It amazed me! There is the possibility to highlight the most important points of each book and instantly translate unfamiliar vocabulary. With the ability to review the searched words. It’s a great way to learn more about English as well. The price is great. Fiamma


InfluencerSoft Lifetime Deal

”Hi all👋,
Jesse Doubek here. I’m the CEO of InfluencerSoft.I’ve been in the marketing business for more than a decade, but I have to be honest…I never expected to be here.
In college, my total focus had been on making it to the NBA, but in a single moment, that dream came to an end when I blew out my knee, creating a Cinderella story of a very different sort.
During my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with the biggest influencers in the game, including NYT Bestselling Authors Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Sharon Lechter and Sonia Choquette.
And it’s because of that work that I started InfluencerSoft. My heart has always been with the underdog, which is why I wanted to give all the budding influencers, entrepreneurs and visionaries of the world, a FAST and AFFORDABLE way to MONETIZE their influence and knowhow, with the same kind of funnels the big guys use to bring in the BIG BUCKS.
We put the FUN back in FUNNELS with a Visual Funnel Builder that lets you drag and drop to create your sales funnels from scratch.
If you’ve never built a funnel before – NO PROBLEM – you can access our catalog of PROVEN TEMPLATES with a few clicks. These are the ones our top-performing clients used to get their products and services out to the world.
With InfluencerSoft you can also create websites and landing pages, nurture your clients, automate your marketing, build your membership area, set up your affiliate programs, manage your clients and house all your online courses too!
One platform. One place. All connected!
That means NO MORE DUCT TAPING your funnels together! (Duct tape is awesome, but not for marketing!)
-Metrics and analytics are easy to access and track,
-InfluencerSoft is GDPR compliant,
-You can share your funnels quickly and easily,
-A/B testing – you bet!-It integrates with Stripe and Paypal,
-There are multiple ways to get help if you need it,
-We even have done for you and done with you set up options,
-And we have the InfluencerSoft App Marketplace for app integrations! Jesse DoubekCEO of InfluencerSoft


VidJuice UniTube Lifetime

VidJuice UniTube is an incredibly powerful software that offers users the capability to download and convert videos and audio from over 10k different websites. This includes popular streaming services like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, OnlyFans and Vimeo, as well as music services like SoundCloud, Vevo, MixCloud and more.
VidJuice UniTube allows you to download videos at resolutions up to 8K/4K/2K/1080P quality for optimal viewing. It even enables users to use the 10X speed feature for faster downloading and conversion of files.
“There’s a faster process if you’d like to rip numerous videos to your hard drive at once: desktop apps, and VidJuice are popular choices if you go this route.” Mashable


Get high-quality videos from well-known platforms with playlist, channel, and subtitle support.

Save videos with support for full HD, 4K, 8K, and even 60 frames per second.

Download audio and video files in bulk.

Supports high-quality formats such as MP4, MP3, MKV, FLV, AVI, MOV, and M4A.

Cross-Platform Video Downloader

VidJuice UniTube offers Windows, Mac, and Android versions, allowing you to download videos to your computer, smartphone, or Cloud Storage as needed 💫

Download videos, audios & playlists

🎸 Music enthusiasts must be able to download playlists, and UniTube makes it possible to transfer all of your favorites.
🎶 It’s never been easier to save YouTube playlists and channels. UniTube allows you to save YouTube playlists and channels to your computer with a single click.
🎷 Furthermore, you can select which ones you want to download from the playlist or channel, and you can include a serial number in the title for easier management.

Access videos at a resolution of up to 8K. Faster download speeds of up to 10 times

👁️‍🗨️ VidJuice UniTube lets you download and watch videos in 8K, 4K, HD, 1080p, and other resolutions.
🚀 VidJuice UniTube uses its own technology to speed up downloading and conversion.

More great features available!

🕺 Save videos from TikTok without the watermark
💯 Download audio and video files from more than 10,000 popular websites, including Instagram Stories, Vimeo, and Facebook’s private group videos
🪄 Download a number of videos at once
⏲️ Download live stream videos in real time
🛡️ Use private mode to safeguard your privacy
✂️ Flexible cutting of the YouTube videos

Trusted by thousands everyday to reach their goals


Monitorly Lifetime Deal

Monitorly is the ultimate tool to never let your website down again due to an expired SSL certificate. It watches over all of your certificates and alerts you before they expire so that you never have to worry about renewed them timely.
Monitorly gives you total peace of mind in 2023, where secure websites are a must, as maintaining SSL certificates has become an integral part of keeping yourself and your customer’s data safe.
Monitorly does all the hard work for you by keeping track of your certificates 24×7!


All of your websites can be monitored from a single location.

Add multiple email addresses to receive all alerts.

Get notifications on certificate renewals and other changes.

Receive notifications 30, 14, 7, and 1 day before your SSL certificate expires.

Why Monitorly?

Monitorly is here to help give you that peace of mind. Monitorly monitors your SSL certificates around the clock so that you don’t have to worry about it. SSL certificates are an important part of cybersecurity, and Monitorly makes sure to keep an eye on yours, giving you the assurance that your website is safe and secure for all users at all times.

How does Monitorly work?

Monitorly helps you stay ahead of the game by sending timely alerts that are customizable to your preferred frequency. You can receive notifications from Monitorly 30, 14, 7, and 1 day before your SSL certificate expires so you will never miss a date. Monitorly ensures that you have the latest updates on all of your SSL certificates in one convenient place while also allowing you to manage them without any hassle.

What are Monitorly’s best features?

Manage all of your websites in one location. Adding numerous websites is quite simple. Simply enter the domain of your website, and we’ll begin monitoring it.
Add additional email addresses to receive all alerts – You can add the email addresses of your team members to receive all alerts for your organization’s stakeholders.
Get alerts for certificate renewal or any other changes – We also keep track of any changes or renewals to your SSL certificate. As a result, if someone creates an SSL certificate with the intention of stealing your users’ information, we will let you know.
Coming soon: Get alerts on phone, SMS, slack or Teams, Integrate webhooks.


Huru Lifetime Deal

Huru is the ideal app for jobseekers who want to ace their interviews. With AI feedback and over 20,000 questions covering almost every possible career position, Huru provides users with the perfect platform to practice their interview techniques.
Huru even pulls questions from popular job boards such as Linkedin, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster and Glassdoor-making it a vital tool for anyone looking to stay one step ahead of the competition.
For those who are seeking a new challenge or want to brush up on skills, Huru is the ultimate choice in interview preparation.


Use the #1 app for job Interview preparation to get instant feedback.

With more than 20K interview questions from +300 professions, get ready like a pro.

Receive fast, in-depth feedback on your answer.

Create interviews from any job postings on popular job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, ZipRecruiter) and begin practicing.

Get simulated business interviews based on every job description

The Huru Chrome extension generates an interview from any job posting on popular job boards. By warping to the Qr-code, you can test your interview skills and simulate the process itself. See here how it works.

With more than 20K interview questions from +300 professions, get ready like a pro

Gain access to a variety of practice interviews that cover almost all career occupation categories on the job market, from entry-level to executive roles and all in between.
Huru offers inquiries that have been hand-selected by experienced hiring managers of major corporations. You will practice in-person interviews and become familiar with typical interview questions.

Receive fast, in-depth feedback on your responses

Gain confidence by getting immediate feedback on your responses, and during each interview, learn from your mistakes. To ensure a positive interview experience and be well-prepared for your next job interview, our exact AI Feedback is essential.

More great features available

♥️ Answer Guidance: Huru offers interview advice for each question you’ll be asked, acting as a know-it-all coach to help you organize your interview responses effectively. It will assist you in showcasing your interview abilities and helping you make a favorable initial impression on your recruiter. You prepare your responses using this comprehensive guide to boost your confidence.
♠️ Live Training: Huru provides you with real-time assistance so that you can practice making better facial expressions and eye contact when speaking to an interviewer. Huru helps you overcome your fear. It plays a significant role in body language. Hence, be ready to develop your nonverbal communication abilities.
♦️ Speech Evaluation: Huru analyzes your pace and pauses to determine how you speak, then gives you tips on how to speak more clearly and with more intonation.
♣️ Interview record: Your device only is used to record interviews so you may review them later to see how well you did.


Moda One Year

Every month, growing e-commerce stores spend hundreds of dollars on client acquisition. Did you know that a good return on investment (ROI) requires 5 consumer purchases? Returning clients that make recurring purchases are valuable to eCommerce businesses.
However, how can this be scaled while keeping individualized communication? Meet Moda!
Moda connects eCommerce brands to their Shopify store with a single click and allows them to deliver personalized emails and text messages to certain client segments. Moda is an enterprise-grade customer data platform for small and medium-sized businesses that collects and syncs all of your customers’ interactions in real time.
Get Moda and expand your eCommerce business with high-converting email and SMS campaigns powered by data superpowers!


Sync over 100 customer touchpoints, including products seen, carts loaded, coupons, and more.

With 500+ pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop editor, you can send emails and SMS at scale.

Activate flows: Welcome series, Abandoned Carts, Order Status, Upsells, and Reviews.

To accelerate growth, get real-time data across automations, campaigns, and segments.

What can you do with Moda?

Moda unifies all of your client data in an one location without requiring technical assistance – from site interactions to behaviors across your Shopify business and more:

sync more than 100 consumer touchpoints
500+ pre-built templates and drag-drop editor to send Emails and SMS instantaneously
automate messages at each customer journey touchpoint
use 20+ pre-built segments to group customers and send messages they resonate with

How does it work?

You can access all of your client data in one spot after linking your Shopify store to Moda. However, the true magic begins with parts!
Moda will help you not only understand your clients, but also make their habits actionable by segmenting them depending on their behaviors. Get a complete picture of what your consumers like or dislike, as well as their events and actions in your business, from the products they saw in your site to cart abandonments, to mention a few.
The platform has pre-built segments that categorize customers as Loyal Customers, VIP Customers, At-Risk Loyal Customers, and others.
With Moda’s no-code segment builder, you can create specific segments based on your business use case. Example: “Shoppers in New York, purchased 3 times, in the last 45 days”.

1000+ prebuilt templates across channels

Moda’s extensive library has over 1000 templates that you may completely customize, saving you time and effort.
Stock photos, blocks, words, brand colors, and other elements can be added to the email builder.

With Data Superpowers, you may increase your revenue by up to 40% by employing email and SMS

Moda’s top features will help you win the eCommerce race:

Automated Flows – set up multiple flows like Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Status, Product Upsells and more, based on your business goals across the customer journey
Campaigns –  whether it’s a holiday or a seasonal sale promotion, you may include discounts, rewards, and other incentives in your efforts to increase conversions
Insights and Dashboards – discover client pain areas and develop tailored retention efforts to reduce churn and increase conversions

Trusted by thousands everyday to reach their revenue goals “I have been using Moda for the past few months to send emails to my customers. It offers a great UI/UX which makes it really easy to navigate and use the features. It also has a great mail builder which makes it very easy to create and customize emails.
I also want to give a special shout-out to Moda’s customer success team. They have been incredibly helpful and responsive, taking the time to answer my questions and guide me through the process. Overall, Moda is a great tool that I highly recommend.” Zvatra “We’ve used used Mailerlite before this and the transition has been easy and worthwhile. Moda’s email builder allows creating templates and launching campaigns quick without dependencies. We’re happy and would strongly recommend Moda! 🙂” Bombay Island Coffee Co. “We’ve been able to automate a lot of our previously manual work. This is saving us time and efforts while delivering better results.
Quick and prompt support has helped us understand the functionalities better and resolve queries.” Trelish “Their team helped me understand my business metrics and also recommended campaigns and automation to grow my repeat purchase rate.” Spicta


Keyword Revealer 1-Year

Keyword Revealer is the only SEO tool you will ever need for your digital marketing campaigns. It has quickly become a powerhouse in the industry, used by hundreds of thousands of marketers to increase their website’s visibility and get measurable results. Keyword Revealer takes the guesswork out of SEO and provides the most important features in an simplified package.
From optimizing keywords and investigating high-ranking competitors to tracking rankings over time, Keyword Revealer has it all and gives users access to actionable data that can take their digital marketing strategies to the next level.
With Keyword Revealer, your team will never need any other SEO tool!


Use Keyword Revealer to discover thousands of undiscovered long-tail keywords for any niche you can think of.

Keyword brainstorming tool lets you exploring new niche ideas and categorizing them in the appropriate silo structure.

Keyword Revealer has been used by 300,000 marketers so far.

Great alternative to SEMRush or Ahrefs.

Massive amounts of data are analyzed by powerful tools on a single platform

Keyword Revealer is the keyword intelligence tool that assists marketers in locating low competition keywords.

Keyword Research

Keyword Revealer saves a lot of time for anyone looking for low-competition keywords. Begin concentrating your SEO efforts on terms that are easy to rank and have low difficulty scores.
The Keyword tool will find thousands of untapped long-tail keywords for any niche you can think of. Once you’ve discovered your keywords, you’ll be able to see the difficulty score for each phrase and analyze the competition that’s currently ranking on Google’s first page.

Keyword Brainstorming

Discovering new keyword phrases based on searcher intent is one of the most difficult aspects of keyword research. Our Keyword Brainstorming tool will help you determine the context in which your keywords are being used in search engines.
Utilize the Keyword Brainstorming tool to generate new niche ideas and organize them into the appropriate silo structure.

Rank Tracker

Automate the process of examining your keyword rankings to save time and money. Every day, Keyword Revealer’s Rank tracking tool will automatically check the position of your keyword in Google.
Examine your present position and compare it to where you were yesterday, last week, last month, or when you first started tracking the keyword. You’ve been waiting for a rank tracker, and here it is.

Site Analysis

With the aid of site analysis tool, you may examine any website as well as your rivals’ websites to keep one step ahead of the competition.
Examine a website’s SEO analytics, backlinks, top articles, and rivals. To assess how you stack up against the competition, you can also check your own website. See a detailed tutorial here.

Backlink Analysis

Enter any URL to quickly find any backlinks—new or lost. To support your link initiatives, you will receive referring link information along with well-known metrics like Citation and Trust Flow.
Without needing to open numerous tabs, preview a URL, and with just one click, locate the anchor placement on the linking page.
10 trillion backlinks and 2.8 trillion different urls are crawled daily for our database.


Flowpoint Starter 1-Year

Flowpoint is an AI-powered marketing solution that helps to optimize user experience and website conversion rates. With Flowpoint, you can automatically analyze user behavior on your website, providing valuable insights for making informed decisions about your marketing strategies.
Flowpoint allows you to supercharge your business without any technical skills required. Put Flowpoint’s AI intelligence to work today and see the positive impact it can have on your website!


To create the best experiences that generate income, comprehend how people behave and employ AI-generated improvement suggestions.

Make decisions based on data and check out the potential main causes of your website visitors not converting.

Use Flowpoint and delve more deeply into each user’s activity.

Great alternative to Google Analytics. No technological expertise necessary!

What can you do with Flowpoint?

You may quickly compare the effectiveness of each of your marketing campaigns across various channels
You’ll be able to find out which initiatives are producing the best return on investment rapidly (ROI).
The conversion rates for each of your active campaigns are automatically identified by the platform, which provides you with the information you need to make wise investment choices.
You can improve your marketing strategies and make sure that your spending is being done in a way that will maximize your profit.

How does it work?

Flowpoint analyzes user activity on a wide scale automatically, discovering technical and behavioral issues that may be affecting conversion rates:

Capture specific user activities: mouse clicks, page views, and page scrolling are all possible. It takes 5 minutes to integrate.
Find out where your users get stuck.
See insightful information: with AI-generated technical and UX insights, you can boost conversion rates and optimize SEO.

AI insights for your conversions challenges

By seeing and analyzing patterns in client behavior and offering improvement suggestions, AI-generated insights can be leveraged to increase conversion rates:

Technical Assistance – if you have technical issues that are affecting conversion rates, Flowpoint will let you know.
UX/UI Approaches – Flowpoint recognizes the areas where poor UX is turning away customers and offers simple solutions.

Use Flowpoint to look more deeply into each user’s activity.

See detailed activities and user identification when tracking user sessions. Employ powerful filtering capabilities to ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance.

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How do I know these deals are legitimate?

We try and screen deals for legitimacy before publishing them on SaaS Firesale. That being said, we make no guarantee about the warranty, quality, or policies around SaaS deals that we publish on this website. In addition, we are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such web sites or services posted here. Please purchase software deals at your own risk.

How do I submit a deal to this website?

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How do I contact you about incorrect info?

You can reach us directly via our Contact form.

How do I know if a SaaS company is legit?
There isn’t a one-sized fits all approach to this. Strongly recommended to do some form of ‘due diligence’ before purchasing a SaaS deal. 
To start, you can try looking at the history of the company, background of the founder(s), reading reviews about their product, any news signals, financials, how often they run deals, etc. This should give you a starting picture about the company and the deal they’re offering and whether you think it’s worth picking up.
My wallet hurts from the deals. Help me?
Ouch, I know how you feel. I’ve spent an arm and leg on deals too. 
Consider if you REALLY need that SaaS tool right now or you might find use for it later. In other words, I don’t have a good answer here other than I feel your pain.